CHH Services   Dr fergus heffernan, PhD

WordPress Website Design & Build using Child Theme from Parent Theme.

Dr. Fergus Heffernan, PhD, a renowned psychologist and psychotherapist who is a leading educator in the area of stress management and how it relates to our mental health.

He has worked with soldiers and their families in Theatre of War locations from Afghanistan, to Iraq, from Central Africa to East Timor, from The Balkans to the Middle East. He is a visiting lecturer and Workshop Director in Trinity College Dublin, Columbia University New York, and Boston University USA.

CHH Services is a complete build and design from the business logo using child theme from parent theme from a wireframe template layout. It was created using a design base theme in WordPress which served well to create a wordpress child theme providing an excellent scaffolding for building on.

Twitter Bootstrap is also incorporated into the design so that the site is accessible and displays properly across multiple devices and screen sizes.

The brief was to develop the website for CHH Services (Dr fergus heffernan) to portray and characterise the services provided in the area of stress management and how it relates to mental health. Dr fergus heffernan needed the site to have positive refreshing look but also a calming and soothing effect to the visitors to the website.

The site is to primarily to serve as an informative source of experience and skills of the different services provided. These will contain segments of relevant content under classification of services. There will also be a testimonial slider on the homepage for reference of subject client experience with Dr Heffernan. It was also very important that the website was responsive working across multiple devices and also a way for customers to easily contact CHH Services.

  • WordPress
  • Child Theme from Parent Theme
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Photoshop

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A wire-frame was designed for layout and look and given to the client, which then the design was implemented programmatically with php, html and css. The design base theme was uploaded as the parent theme and a child theme was then created using functions to enqueue the parent styles, the base css styles and to get both the directory uri and stylesheet uri, then register both. A new header.php and footer.php was created and the menu was styled to sit correctly at both full size and tablet/mobile responsive ready.

Page templates where made to suit the layout of individual pages and relevant content and images where inserted into the pages. On the homepage 3 defined sections where made, introduction with clients photo, three main image clickable services and the testimonial slider underneath. The content on the site was arranged and setup for SEO searchablility for search engines with titles and metadescriptions tied in to page headings and keywords in the content

  • Meetings with client
  • Initial design sketches
  • Wireframe page layouts for site
  • Create Child Theme
  • Create page templates
  • Develop content for the site
  • Set up and test email accounts for the site
  • Usability and accessibility testing
  • Testing responsiveness across browsers

CHH Services wire-frame
template design layout

Font combinations: Lato and Open Sans.
Lato Light was used for headings, Open Sans Light was used for readablility for clear paragraphs

Wireframe Design & Layout:
The original wireframe was created as a demo layout for design layout. A new Logo was designed and the header area was redefined with logo to the left side and address details to the right with searchbar. Underneath that the main responsive menu was placed with a slider below it on the main homepage. Then the main opening image and details of Dr Fergus Heffernan with 3 main service blocks directly underneath and client testimonials below these.

Mobile & tablet adaptive CHH Services responsive website.