European Road Transport School - ERTS

WordPress Site Build as a developer

Project Description

I worked as a developer on this project which was a complete redesign of the European Road Transport School website.

Project Process

This project was a complete redesign of an existing website for European Road Transport School. It was developed from a base theme in WordPress that also used Twitter Bootstrap for a responsive design.

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Project Design - My Role

  • Slice up a wireframe template into its component parts in order to apply styling to the base theme
  • Build and style a page layout template for the hompage and another one for the other pages of the website
  • Build a navigation system
  • Set up and populate advanced custom fields for the image courses in the home page and large courses buttons
  • Set up and populate advanced custom fields for the medium courses buttons in the sidebar
  • Set up the initial links for the shoping cart in the sidebar, add remove and checkout and styling the items.
  • Set up and test email accounts for the site
  • Setup of Slider and images
  • Create and edit images in Photoshop
  • Populate the pages of the website with the relevant content
  • insertion, positioning and styling of all images, text and links in the header, footer and other pages.
  • Usability and accessibility testing
  • Testing responsiveness across browsers

Mobile & tablet adaptive ERTS responsive website.