Facebook’s newest venture – the Facebook Graph Search

It’s a New Social Search Tool being developed by Facebook which searches social data in Facebook Servers.

The bases of how it works is on the users curations ie – photos, friends, likes , comments, interests, movies, books etc.

that are posted on your News Feed or timeline but does not include Status updates

This allows a search for People, Photos, interests, Places and local pages for business in Facebook’s social data servers

which will in return give results based on your social curations and friend’s curations

These results also depend on Privacy settings to certain groups, photos, friend’s lists, and personal data

The privacy settings you have allowed on your Facebook.

People cannot search content that has not been shared by you and Graph Search does no change your Privacy settings

If the search returns very little results there will be an option for using Microsoft “Bing” as another second alternative search through the web rather than through Facebook servers.

Facebook Graph search aims to link like-minded people and group’s closer making the community smaller and connected networking by mapping out items and common interests.

It will not include Instagram Photos in Search Result’s.

I believe the Key aspect of Facebook Graph Search will help businesses understand their audiences better.

Businesses can use this information to conduct market research about their existing fans and potential customers.

Optimalsocial.com offers Paid tools like “Keyword Expander” and “Audience Matrix” to let businesses dive into Facebook’s graph and gather information that can improve their marketing efforts on and off Facebook.

Facebook has a Graph API Explorer available already for free for smaller business for marketing and advertising

Graph Search, will use natural language processing so any user can frame queries in a simple way.

For example, “pages liked by people who like Oprah Winfrey” OR

“music liked by people who work at Facebook.”

There are infinite permutations that could help businesses determine what type of content to share with fans,

what new audience to reach out to,

what type of music would resonate with consumers in a commercial,

who might serve as a good celebrity endorser and more.

The social network also offers suggestions for related pages and searches,

which could lead marketers and advertisers to discover additional insights.

Facebook Graph Search will allow standalone businesses to target the local populace

It will have major benefits for smaller business ventures, communities, events, exhibition’s allowing the organiser or owner to key into specific groups and individuals rather than just depending on the Facebook feed.

Now one will be able to search and invite like-minded people to become included or given the choice to purchase items that might interest them

This will be a great endorser for Procurement and increase business leads and results

Head on over to Facebook Garph Search Beta at

www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch and join the waiting list

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