How Web Experience is the New Web Design


How Web Experience is the New Web Design

As the tech industry continues to develop new devices, with new capabilities and limitations it is imperative that websites and applications are responsive. Development and deployment will be a means of presenting your digital brands content across digital products, tools and ecosystems. Web Design now has the role of integrating with mobile apps, API’s, social media presence, search engine optimization, customer service channels, and physical locations. This takes us on a much larger path defining and informing us of the experience the user has with the brand, product and service.

Your business needs to design, plan and manage all these touch points across the different channels, ecosystems and digital social devices. In today’s micro / macro information world it is essential that your brands content is arranged logical and synchronistic on a page for a specific user need. Google has started to display search results based on content, relevance to keywords and associated organised topics relating to the business products or services.

Web Experience Web Design

Web Experience now focuses on blueprints, customer journey maps, user stories, personas, ecosystem maps connected with the businesses marketing strategy and KPI’s to measure goals and user experience and interaction. Digitally we are now in a push based paradigm where the content finds the user from web pages that are indexed from relating content. Designing and creating websites and applications now involves easy access to the businesses contextual data allowing tools to rapidly present it to the user when and where they desire. Content and tools are now the forefront in design from the user’s perspective. Businesses need to manage their content and measure the value across channels to be able to adapt and market their brand to a user orientated world.

Measuring the values transmitted and responses from web experience will allow better design for content. Simple, intelligent, integrated ecosystems of information that have been planned and use design strategy methods. Where designs are not only device ready, yet independent where the information can be aggregated and used in combination into other applications.

How web experiences will help you predict the future from cohesive experiences and valuable content across smart ecosystems, virtual reality devices, electronic wearables, and whatever we invent in the decades to come.
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