Nelson Wylie  About Me

My passion in life is creating digital products using pixels and code with the aim of providing the user with an engaging and rewarding experience. With my abilities of listening for key words and concepts from business owners I use my skills to organise information, create wireframes, help categorise sevices and set about building the design for the client. Keeping the core ideologies and overall principles of what the business offers and portray this in a convient acessable design for ease of use. Allowing the consumer to access information on the business products or services.

I have just finished a BSC honours degree in IT Creative Multimedia in LIT where I received a 2.1 Honour. Over the course of my degree I was exposed to a wide variety of programming languages and web technologies and now that I have graduated it is my intention to develop key skills further while also continuing to challenge myself by learning relevant new ones.

Social Media App
  PHP API's OAuth Authentication with JSON Stream

PHP API's OAuth authentication login with styled JSON stream output.

Fourth year final project - "To better understand and grasp the dynamics of Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter services the setup of what the services offer, what’s involved with each service how they segregate the information in the service, understanding the departmentalised grouping of the services items. To understand how API’s flow through hands on connection and implementation of the services and the process of the OAuth using the Id, secret keys from the services to get access tokens to interact with the service and get json feeds."

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Technologies Used:
  • Facebook PHP SDK
  • Google Plus PHP SDK
  • Twitter PHP SDK
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • OAuth 2.0 authorization
  • Sublime Text 2
  • Laravel PHP Framework

Skills Developed:
  • Programming in PHP
  • API programming
  • Facebook SDK for PHP & Graph API
  • Google Platform & Google Plus API & PHP
  • Twitter libraries PHP SDK
  • OAuth 2.0 protocol authorization flow
  • Bitly API
  • JSON Manipulaion
  • Composer, Symphony, Github, Sublime

GoldRun Quiz Game
  Team Project - C# & Flash Actionscript

GoldRun Quiz Game - Team Project - C# & Flash Actionscript.

Third Year Team project undertaken was to develop a timed quiz based game using cloud database, C# and Flash Actionscript. Each Player can select five categories which are placed in a pyramidal fashion with your strongest category being the last category one picks which is placed on top. Each question has four possible answers of which only one is correct which leads to a golden block.

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Technologies Used:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express
  • C# Programming
  • Flash Actionscript
  • Client & Server side messaging
  • BigDB NoSQL Database

Skills Developed:
  • C# Programming
  • NoSQL development and flat database design
  • Services
  • Database Design & Id Creation
  • Design Analysis
  • Game Play & Flow
  • Client & Server side messaging
  • Game Design concepts & iterations
  • Wireframing
  • Interaction design