RTV Systems Website WooCommerce Store

RTV Systems WordPress Site Design & Build - Includes WooCommerce Store.

RTV Systems is a complete design and build. It was created using a base WordPress theme which I have now used for several websites because it provides an excellent scaffolding for building on.

Twitter Bootstrap is also incorporated into the design so that the site is accessible and displays properly across multiple devices and screen sizes.

The website includes an online store which I built using the WooCommerce Plugin.

RTV Systems are a satellite installation and services company based in Kilkenny City, Ireland. They operate throughout the south east region of the country.

They offer a wide range of products and services to both domestic and commercial customers.

The brief was to develop a website for the business that would cater for the varied needs of existing customers while at the same time displaying the products and services available to potential new customers. It was also very important that the website was responsive and would work across multiple devices.

  • WordPress
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • WooCommerce
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Photoshop

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An important feature of the website is the shop which displays products that are availble for purchase. There are currently only three products but there are plans to expand this in the near future to around thirty products and accessories.

This was the first time I had to build an online store and after some research I discovered the WooCommerce plugin which came with rave reviews and lots of documentation.

The first step involved configuring the settings for everything including accounts, billing and shipping. Once all of the settings were configured I added products to the store and it was ready to go live.

It proved to be a relatively straightforward process to get the shop up and running and it was an excellent learning experience.

  • Meetings with client
  • Initial design sketches
  • Wireframe page layouts for site
  • Create page templates
  • Develop content for the site
  • Integrate WooCommerce store into the site
  • Set up and test email accounts for the site
  • Usability and accessibility testing
  • Testing responsiveness across browsers

Font combinations: Titillium and Gudea.
Titillium was used for headings as a digital technical font to protray professional products. Showcasing latest satelite & iptv products to customers, reliable and trusted product brands. Gudea was used for readablility for clear paragraphs to get the content across for different services and specific details of products available from RTV Systems.

Mobile & tablet adaptive RTV Systems responsive product store.