Ryan Home Improvements

WordPress Site Design & Build.

Ryan Home Improvements is a complete build and design from the business logo using wireframe layout, fonts and color palettes. It was created using a design base theme in WordPress which I have now used for several websites because it provides an excellent scaffolding for building on.

Twitter Bootstrap is also incorporated into the design so that the site is accessible and displays properly across multiple devices and screen sizes.

Ryan Home Improvements are a professional building company based in Kilkenny City, Ireland. They operate throughout the south east region of the country.

They specialize in renovations, extensions and repairs for home owners and business owners. Ryan Home Improvements give expert advice and professional planning for home renovations or improvements. They are a company that offers design and build services for customers from initial sketches. Committed to handling every job, whether small or large, with complete dedication and an eye to quality.

The brief was to develop the website for RHI business that would describe the professinal building services available, showcase work done by the company and instill confidence to potential new customers to choose Ryan Home Improvement for home renovations or extensions. It was also very important that the website was responsive working across multiple devices and also a way for customers to easily save contact details & telephone number to their mobile or quickly contact the business.

  • WordPress
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Photoshop

This website needed headings the would grab users attention on the front page with call to action buttons to "Get in Touch" or contact RHI. The first step was looking at other similar sites, then researching and finding a strong confident font for headings and a clear readable font for paragraphs for content for services and detailed work description on projects done.

A wire-frame was designed for layout and look and given to the client, which then the design was implemented programmatically with php, html and css. The main menu color was changed to lighter blue for clarity to view menu items and styled with pseudo elements to look like a measuring tape. Four blocks with call to action buttons with relevant haedings where placed underneath the menu with clickable blocks underneath these for mobile and email. The main introduction heading and paragraphs where next with the 3 main blocks for renovations, extensions and repairs with images of work completed to click to view more. Below these where a wide list of services that Ryan Home Improvements cater for. The content on the site was arranged and setup for SEO searchablility for search engines with titles and metadescriptions tied in to keywords in the content that can be used for social aggregation. Implementation of an Sendola button which is placed on the homepage allows the customer to easily save contact details to their phone.

  • Meetings with client
  • Initial design sketches
  • Wireframe page layouts for site
  • Fonts and Color Palettes
  • Create page templates
  • Develop content for the site
  • Set up and test email accounts for the site
  • Usability and accessibility testing
  • Testing responsiveness across browsers

Ryan Home Improvements
wire-frame design layout

Font combinations: Francoise One and Open Sans(sans-serif).
Francoise One was used for headings a strong font to protray professional competent work. Showing solid building completion to customers, reliability, dedication to complete the work and an eye for quality. Open Sans was used for readablility for clear paragraphs to get the content across for different services and specific details of areas of expertise.

Color palettes

Mobile & tablet adaptive Ryan Home Improvements responsive website.