Social Media Success


Social Media is the Knowledge transfer on information.
Social Networking is the communicating to customers.
Social Relevancy is your Reputation value on line.

To achieve success in these relevant areas in digital marketing one needs to engage in social enabled tasks. Using social connecting tools such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, You Tube and others to create the thickest unique bond with customers / clients forming relationships with two way communication. With these tools setup to the businesses criteria they can be used as a net to engage customers to view details of company products and services. These points or net usually comprise of web site/blog, social Technologies, Mobile Apps, Traffic or marketing and also a way to allow for measurement of usefulness of the acquired tools.

The critical point in Social Technologies is getting customers to listen to you voice but also to respond to
them, one needs to get the customer to enjoy the voice you put online. Your online voice needs to express a personality an opinion whether its for your organisation or just a social voice. Give this voice a tone and a mix of content and also a pinch of humour which can be productive showing a key unique personality in that

All this content and criteria will show itself in time as your reputation grows but also think about a process of mangement if it is a business . This Reputation management and engagement policy needs to be set out with clear guidelines – such as who will be the voice, what are the procedures for complaints, responding to set scenarios and disruptive or abusive customers, company support , backup and transfer to other departments.

The key again is two way communication to get customers to listen to your voice and responding even if the online content is more focused on interesting fun articles but still allowing links to new products and services. Your company should learn to interact and chat with customers but listen to ideas or questions that is happening on your site but also on other sites and even competitors activities. The Time is now to start building a river of Information as we now live in a Knowledge Economy and we need to be interactive by simply listening and talking.

Social Media

Social Media

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