Emerging Technology reviewed under the Technium – Kevin Kelly Essay


Technology is integrated and interconnected into all degrees and processes of life.  From business to agriculture, healthcare to medicine, construction to mining,  science to space satellites and in our own personal lifestyles for pleasure work and economics.  Technologies dynamic consortium yet individualism creates advancements to improvements of life and work in parallelism from past advancement to future scientific and technology breakthroughs using all knowledge to gain the next step.  Brain Arthur sums this up along with Kevin Kelly in technologies creative state:


“In technology, combinatorial evolution is foremost, and routine, “says economist Brian Arthur in The Nature of Technology.  “Many of a technology’s parts are shared by other technologies, so a great deal of development happens automatically as components improve in other uses ‘outside’ the host technology.”


…..tiny improvements are rewarded with more copies, so that innovations spread steadily through the population. Older ideas merge and hatch idea-lings. Not only do technologies form ecosystems of cross-supported allies, but they also form evolutionary lines. The Technium can really only be understood as a type of evolutionary life.


Kevin Kelly, (2010). ‘History of The Seventh Kingdom’. In:  What Technology Wants. 1st ed. : Penguin Group. pp.45. (page 54 in pdf format)

Technium In itself it is comparable to a spider’s web if we get caught up in this advancing technology for “slightly more options” for the future it is very hard to escape from the snare or trap because the necessity of this technology makes life somewhat more productive or a better quality to strive for new goals.   But more so it can be viewed as a spider’s web wormhole where the boundaries are expanding through space and time, up and down, better or worse, like an expanding substance that wraps itself around to conjoin and fill gaps yet become part of the flow of building and creating.

Where or what point is this Technium leading or taking us to.

The relevant question to everyone is “To be or not to be” or in context “To Technium or not to Technium”.  The Technium could be viewed as a funfair ride, when you’re on you want to get off and when your off you want to get straight back on.  The overwhelming advances and diversity in technology and its control of life and activities but it is now a way of making ends meat everything is depended on it and it is interwoven into the evolution of mankind for sustainability.  There is no shutting down the Technium only if one wants to time travel back to a simpler time or era to live your time out.  The only other alternative is to live a complete holistic life with mother earth as like the native Indians or fictional character Grizzly Adams with either a TP or wooden shack in outback fishing and hunting off the land only sustained by Mother Nature.


The social web is an informative platform for communication of creative ideas and freedom of speech.  Data flowing through the social web gains traction for the influence of thoughts and direction for new ideas for technology and science.  As I Plug into this social web Technium and propagate my extension of social media into the expansion of this information, I am carving out semantic markers in this online social space, adding my echoes and pings into the Technium.  This in itself is my own creations, influence, experiences which adds seeds to enhance others in their definition of the Technium and of their creative direction and path.  The ideas and information I have generated is my creative energy which adds to the flow of the evolution and re-evolution of the Technium in the collective mind.



The paths that I have taken through the years and the choices I have made in the learning of technologies have opened doors in the Technium.  New possibilities from embracing this information technology and creative processes have advanced my life and skills to progress forward on an every growing journey into the creative collaboration.  My individual contribution is adding to the sum of the whole of the Technium.  Kevin Kelly portrays this progress as opening doors as part of evolution.


Yes, life has gained more ways to adapt, but what is really changing is its evolvability—its propensity and agility to create change. Think of this as changeability. Not only is the aggregate process of evolution evolving, but it is evolving more ability to evolve, or greater evolvability. Gaining evolvability is much like a video game where you find a door that opens up another whole level that is much more complex, faster, and full of unexpected powers.


Kevin Kelly, (2010). ‘Technologies Trajectories’. In:  What Technology Wants. 1st ed. : Penguin Group. pp.350. (page 341 in pdf format)


This development in my life can be viewed as hops and steps by the technium’s rules, but these rules govern the progress, growth of mankind and process of technology innovations.  The Technium from core beginnings to today’s society has brought humans through a development journey from humble survival to rapid technology advancement.  The technium’s ability of structure and order of language information and thought processes have brought us to here and now.  R.C.L sums up this amazing evolution in one line.


“We have attained a higher inner coherence, a self-organization in the midst of chaos.”


R.C.L. (1995-2002). Excerpt and Adaptation from R.C.L.’s book: Laws of Wisdom. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 3 October 2013].


Yet he states that “Legal knowledge is useless unless it is applied.”  To move forward into undiscovered realms of the Technium we must interact, share, question, create along with random processes and hands on productivity to journey or “to boldly go where no man has gone before” as the Star Trek phrase we know so well.


In the last 50 years great thinkers such as Tim Berners-Lee, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, have opened new scenarios and paths to connecting, creating and sharing the progression of the Technium to every individual; thus allowing the expansion of information to undefinable growth and unlimited potential in its next technical or scientific hop or step.  Or simply stated in the California Ideology of the Technium Paul Ford puts it as “Creating tools to give regular people godlike powers”


Kevin Kelly (20th July 2011). The California Ideology – Technium. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 15th October 2013].


In conclusion the Chaos and Cosmos of the Technium’s expanding possibilities in all its complexity leads us to the divine force controlling the play out of its life, our individual live and entwined collective human lives, giving equilibrium and balance in all things Technium until the final Theatre curtains close and the show is over.




German philosopher Schelling, said it all:

God sleeps in the Minerals,

Dreams in the Plants,

Thinks in the Animals,

And Awakes in Man.

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